The Power of the Magna Matching Program

Cross-group collaboration not only helps Magna to develop state-of-the-art products and technology, it also drives the Magna Matching Program to new heights when it comes to charitable giving.

One of the best examples is how 10 Magna divisions, along with Magna’s corporate office in Aurora, raised approximately $560,000 over the last four years in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, which supports the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, one of the top five cancer research centers in the world.??

The two-day cycling event is a 130-mile journey from Toronto to Niagara Falls, with many participants riding in honor of friends and family that have been touched by cancer.

The divisions and departments that have participated in the effort include:

? Presstran
? Massiv Die-Form
? Modatek
? Polycon
? Metal Forming Solutions
? Co-Ex-Tec
? Karmax Heavy Stamping
? Formet
? Venest
? Magna Global IT

“You’re really leveraging fundraising on a dollar-per-dollar basis when you have widespread participation across groups and divisions,” said Jason Wolkove, Magna associate general counsel and one of the 30 Team Magna employees and friends who cycled in the 2019 ride. “Matching motivates people. It really makes a difference.”

In 2019 alone, Magna matched $60,000 in this particular fundraising effort.?

Wolkove, who served as Vice Chair for the event’s 10th anniversary, said he rides for several reasons, including to inspire his three children and to honor his mother, a breast-cancer survivor.

Matching motivates people. It really makes a difference.

Jason Wolkove

“I hope my participation will teach my children the importance of supporting vital causes like cancer research and treatment,” he said.

He also sees a connection between the Magna Matching Program and the company’s entrepreneurial culture. The program allows employees to chose the charities and causes they want to sponsor.

“Just like Magna’s entrepreneurial culture gives Magna’s groups and divisions a lot of operational autonomy, the matching program gives Magna employees a lot of autonomy in what they want to support in their local communities,” Wolkove said. “It becomes a partnership between Magna employees and Magna to fund a much wider array of charities and causes.”

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