Engineering Services

Made by Magna

Globally Recognized Engineering Services at a Glance

Magna’s Engineering Service organization is a globally recognized development partner for vehicle engineering, powertrain systems, alternative propulsion systems, application software, and a full range of testing services.

We focus on future technologies, with a strong emphasis on providing complete powertrain solutions, through systems competence and electrification capabilities.

Bundled Systems Expertise

The future development of the powertrain will be marked by rapid change. Automation and electrification have become increasingly important. Efficient automatic transmissions are just as essential as electrified on-demand systems in the entire powertrain. We expect to see the quick growth of 48 Volt mild hybrid drives as well as plug-in hybrids enabling purely electric driving in no-emissions zones. In parallel, performance and torques of modern vehicles will continue to increase. This requires more vehicle architectures that allow transferring power reliably and efficiently to the road. In addition to efficient transmissions, Magna also banks on advanced all-wheel technology to reduce fleet consumption and emissions.
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