Made by Magna

Our Transmissions: From Manual to Hybrid

All transmissions from Magna are based on layshaft transmission technology and provide a variable combination of efficiency, driving comfort and performance. Offering a multitude of ratio layout options, this technology allows for adjustments in single ratios and gear spread according to the specification of each engine. This helps the engine to operate at its most efficient range. It also enables very low frictional losses within the transmission itself with a potential degree of efficiency well above 95 percent. As a complete system supplier, Magna can offer the entire development chain from idea to series production.

Dedicated Hybrid Transmissions

Hybrid Transmissions

Dual-Clutch Transmissions

Manual Transmissions

Transmissions Convert Speeds

In cars, transmissions convert speeds and torques along the drivetrain. The objective is to maximise the efficiency of the engine which means to achieve low fuel consumption with the greatest performance or torque—and, therefore, driving dynamics.
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